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Getting started on ponglista is really easy.

  • Searching listings: Simply select a category, enter your search criteria and hit the search button!
  • To add a listing, click on the “Add Listing button” found in the drop-down menu or on our Home page. Follow the simple prompts.

To sell an item on

  1. Click on the add listing button.
  2. Choose a listing category, then select a category type.
  3. Enter the name, description, and details about your listing.
  4. Choose a listing package you would like to use.
  5. Preview and submit your listing for review.

You can add up to 5 listings in any category using our Basia listing package.

*For your safety, Ponglista reviews all listing to ensure they are in accordance with listing guidelines.  


You can increase visibility of your listing by purchasing one of our Ad options. 

  • Featured Listings (Appers on our Home page and in special featured search area.)
  • Promotion Packages (Appears with higher priority in all search results) acts as a matching service for Members to locate people, buy, sell or exchange table tennis equipment, find venues and events. We do not own or handle any of the goods and services listed on the site.  

Buying on Ponglista is as easy as contacting the owner of the a listing via whatever contact preference the seller has indicated. Make the necessary arrangement with them for your purchase. 


If you would like to quickly find a listing on, use the explore page. This is divided into four different search boxes, one for each category of listing found on our website.

Enter your search term and click the search button to run your search.

 If you are interested in purchasing from a seller, the first step is to contact the seller from their listing page by clicking on the Direct Message button located on the cover page of the listing. 

You may also send an email or call the seller from the listing page if the author has made these options available. 

When the seller replies, you will be sent an email alert. Simply click on the link from the email to be taken directly to the message. 

  • Don’t send payment by bank or money transfer  
    When sending payment, note that bank and money transfers such as Western Union MoneyGrams, offer no form of fraud protection or seller accountability. Many fraudulent sellers prefer these forms of payment because once payment is sent, there is practically no way for a buyer to get a refund, or track who received the payment.

Never send your bank or checking account information to anyone. This information may provide a way for someone to take money directly from your account. Normally, banks do not offer protection if money is properly transferred out of your account.

  • Credit card is probably the safest
    When it comes to buyer protection and seller convenience, credit cards are one of the best methods to do business over the Internet. Many credit cards offer a 60-day protection on each sale, while others offer even more protection for online purchases.

If you wish to protect your credit card number, many services (such as VISA, Discover, and AmericanExpress) offer temporary numbers to make one-time purchases online. These temporary numbers may expire after one use or may hold limited funds. Please contact your credit card company to find out how they can protect you with online purchases.

  • If using a payment service (such as PayPal or Stripe) protection is limited. 
    Many sellers and buyers use payment services like PayPal. These services allow sellers to accept credit cards, checks, and money orders online, making it convenient for buyers to keep their payment information private. Each payment service has different regulations regarding fraud protection. We suggest contacting your preferred payment service to learn what forms of protection they offer.
  • Escrow and C.O.D. offer you the most protection.

 Using an escrow service is the safest way for a buyer and seller to complete a transaction. recommends for all transactions above $500, and for all situations where you feel uncertain about a seller. In general, escrow services receive and validate payment from the buyer, and then prompt the seller to send the item to the buyer. When the buyer receives the item, the escrow service sends the seller payment after the buyer has inspected the item.

Some shipping services offer Cash On Delivery (C.O.D.), providing buyers the ability to pay when they receive the item from the seller. The buyer pays the shipping company at the time of delivery, then that payment is sent to the seller. COD is slightly less desirable than escrow because the buyer typically has no means to inspect the item before paying.

Both escrow and COD will add costs to a transaction (typically under 10%), and may increase the time it takes you to receive your good, but they provide an additional level of protection.


  • Is my credit card safe to use on this website? uses industry-standard SSL-encryption to protect sensitive data transmissions. When you have a secure connection between your browser and a web site, others cannot easily access the data that you send across the connection. Most web browsers support SSL.

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